[0.6git] Zombies being squashed by stationary car

Well I say stationary, I guess it’s almost stationary. I was driving through a town and managed to get my truck wedged between a car and a house, it wouldn’t budge when I was hammering reverse and forward was the house wall. I was being chased by zombies and as they came close to come and bang on my truck, my attempts at reversing would occasionally bump the speed to -1 despite not moving anywhere and the adjacent zombies would spontaneously explode as if they were run over at full force. I guess they die if they collide with the car and the speed is anything other than 0, but this seems not as intended? I think damage at low speeds probably needs to be nerfed.

PS I managed to wriggle my truck free and get out of dodge before I was dragged from it and nommed in case anyone wondered.

There needs to be quite a few looks at vehicle collision interactions. Right now there is some pretty weird logic involved with that.

My friend, I think you’ve just invented The Zombie Grinder. You may want to rembember it and tell the tale to your offspring. \o/