Hopping onto moving vehicle?

So… this just happened. Was corralling bunch of zeds into one dense group using the motorcycle. Grappler zed managed to pull me from the seat but I ended up at the tile that was adjacent to the seat. Instead of panicking, I just pressed ‘->’, and voila, I was riding my vehicle again (it was still going 34km/h). The action itself spent couple of turns where I was unable to do anything but then one press of ^, and I’m controlling my 'cycle again. Is it intended behavior? Because while I did it hoping it’d work as it did I wouldn’t be surprised if instead my motorcycle would run over me instead.

maybe not intended perse, but is not a bug, i think it is able to happen since the vehicle speed affects the “move points” you have per turn, that why if you are lucky enough, you can re ride it again

yeah it’s been fixed mostly from .c it used to be any tile other than the drivers seat would absolutely shred you as though you were being dragged under the car
that said now that you can safely get on it means that a lucky zed could in theory slip onto a tile that can hold it and work its way to you while you’re driving
kinda distracting trying to fight a hunter and not crash into derelicts or zed hordes while zipping down the road at 45
just always make sure all of your doors are closed before driving off