Move view offset

if it would be easy to implement, could there be an option to automatically move the view offset by the default amount in the direction that the PC last moved. for example if the PC is running due north the view will be offset to the north, and if he suddenly moves south it will center back on him, then if he continues running south the view is offset to the south, and will stay in that position until the PC moves in a direction other than south. ive been playing since just before the beginning of the hiatus and its taken me this long to feel natural moving the view around like that, but that is basically what i do, and i think it would feel natural if it just did it automatically. thoughts?

p.s. my screen about 55x21 and i keep the offset at ten

More than that, please do consider shortcuts for quick-survey of the surroundings, the 10-step CTRL+direction instead of current single step direction at a time.