Zone Manager problems

Hello there.

I watched Vormitrax video about the zone manager and tryed to use it in the last experimental.
Made zones for every thing i wanted the same way like in the video.
My problem is that every time i try to use the zone manager with “O” it says “There is no compatible zone nearby. Compatible zones are Loot: Unsorted and Farm: Plot”

Is zone managing disabled or do i get something wrong?

Do you have an unsorted loot zone defined as well? If so, make sure its enabled as well, through the zone manager. An errant press of d is all it takes to disable by accident. Do also make sure its not overlapping any other zones, it seems to cause the manager some confusion.

Unsorted loot zone check! No zones overlapping check! Zones enabeld check!

If i use “Sort out my loot” it stays in my inventory :neutral_face:

it sorts items from Loot:Unsorted zone, not from your inventory.