Zombies spawn inside outpost and eating my food

Windows 7

That’s not funny anymore. I lost 2 people from “The Last Outpost” just because zombies spawned nearby, and ate them. And those people didn’t even hited them, as I can see by full HP of this zombies. That was prety funny, when zombies attacked my fence first time. But this mongolian raids becomes very anoying, when they started to spawn INSIDE the fence, breacking a walls, windows and killing my personeel, that even not defend itself! I just tired of that “patrol” everyday just for case… you know, if zombie spawned nearby and eating a barthender, which helding his shotgun and DO NOT SHOOTING this zombie’s rotten brain. Those mongolians are not a threat for me, just a big pine in the ass, when they are breaking my walls, windows and killing my people.
Also, it’s prety sad that there is no continuation of “building quests”. I have delivered 30 sheets of glass about 3 times, but that orchard will never be builded.

So, I have only 3 requests - Turn off a zombie spawn INSIDE the wall, turn on brains of NPC to defend themselves, and finish that great quest of building The Last Outpost.

P.S. That two ex-suvirvors was prety tasty.

Zombie bear guzzled blueberry wine[147]!