Zombies running amok!

So it seems like as I run down the road, there is a big parking lot with alot of cars. Also some cars and motercycles here and there on the road. I keep hearing crazy amounts of smashing metal. And it seems like the zombies for some reason are always smashing all the vehicles. They form a horde and surround the cars and just smash it into pieces. Is this normal? Why does this happen?

Usually because own spawns inside it, or walks into it. Starts banging to try to move past it. Then all their buddies hear it and come join in.

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Only noticed this once but when it happened it was hilarious. About 5 or 7 zeds smashed the ***t out of Beetle car while I was looting nearby store. Guess the noise they made drawn any other zombie to their location, so I’m not complaining.
On the serious note though, regular zombies are dumb as bricks. If you stay near the car and they are near perpendicular wall and not right near the corner, they will often try to smash their way through rather than going around. Aaaand it seems someone else have already posted it.


They’ll also be attracted to the sounds of running engines.

I find they usually are smashing up a car that spawned in running, then once they start smashing they get attracted to the sound of their own smashing and keep smashing even after they have disabled the working the vehicle into silence.

This is why once I’m setup well enough capable of defending myself from small hordes of stray zed, I usually try to snag working, running vehicles in the area (if I can get away with it) and drive them to a safe location before properly looting the buildings

When starting out, nothing beats using a disposable running vehicle to destroy zombies in a small town, or just using it to smash a small hole into a gun store.

True. It’s how I also had some of my earliest deaths. Buckle up kids.

I’ve had similar experiences, as well as clearing out a town, but leaving a zombie necromancer, and then crashing into a horde only to have the fallen zombies rise up and destroy me and my little bumper car.