Vehicals Vs Zombies

I recently acquired a car for the first time, really good fun by the way! I discovered a good technique to run over zombies with it. So I roll into a town, and it feels like I’ve run over 100 zombies, but they just keep coming and coming and coming… Sheeeesh! Do they keep re-spawn? Or is it actually possible to wipe them out i.e. there is literally over 200 zombies in that town to kill…

They can run out eventually. And yes vehicles are roving nukes with 4X4. Enjoy the mayhem.

I feel like hitting Zs should damage vehicles more, and induce more slowdown. They’re just OP at the moment.

I think I had some glitch or something, my vehicle pulled a 90 degree left turn, straight into a building when I was driving down a road. Maybe just a hiccup with fumbling the controls, but it ruined my fun and I ended up dying from trying to get out of the city.

How much does hitting a zombie or monster hurt car parts?

Any chance you’re (TheBlade) playing with dynamic spawn? Then they will just keep coming. At least for an ungodly amount of time, cause I think there is a limited(but big) pool they spawn from.

I totally agree. Using a car as a battering ram should be an emergency tactic with a chance of breaking your vehicle or making you lose control. Killdozers should be possible, but only if you collect all the steel plating and build one yourself.

There are already some funky mechanics for driving. Hitting the slime trail for a giant slug can make you skid off the road.

Like hardly at all. The exceptions are headlights, windows, and RV units, which all break pretty easily. You can drive a car through trees and buildings without trouble.

Yeah right, I drove a Car with SPIKED plating into a Triffid plant mini-base thing on accident and and it blew up the car and killed me, instantly.

Lost an my little cyborg char that had lasted into end of summer. :frowning:

Oh, and before you ask, the car was in very good condition, I had just finished fully repairing it with an integrated toolset.

Yeah I totally agree, it feels like your riding around in an armored car or something…

Dynamic spawn?

I’m looking in options, I see ‘Static spawn: True’. I guess I’ll just have to persist and see if I can clear them out.

Dynamic spawns make zombies spawn from the noise you make among other things, all the while drawing from a fixed pool of zombies of an area like a town. Once the pool runs out, zombies will stop spawning. Dynamic spawn has a lot more zombies than static spawn AFAIE.

Reverse into something at 4mph
Car is now on fire.

Wut? Really sometimes it feels bugged.
As for mowing down zombies…
Car = Metal.
Zed = Flesh.

No matter what happens you will be able to mow them down easily without much damage. Think about it realistically. If you’re doing 30mph down a country road and run into someone without attempting to break, will you damage your car? Not badly. Maybe a dent on the hood and a cracked windscreen.
Should be more slowdown depending on how many impacts though-- e.g 6 impacts (3x2 zombies) should reasonably force you down a few mph or force you to skid or loose control.