Zombie Slave, how to?

I thought I needed First Aid / Survival 1 and a knife, I have 3 in both…but standing over a bruised corpse and pressing % isn’t giving me the option in the menu, I have options for everything else but that…what am I doing wrong?

(A)ctivate your knife, and select make zlave while on top of an unpulped zombie. 1 survival skill level is enough to do this, but you’ll gain moral penalty doing this, unless you are a PSYCHOPATH :+1:

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When I try this, it tells me I can’t do anything interesting with my knife…is it from one of the “mods” perhaps? Like the necromancy mod? I keep trying to use it on shockers I find.

Related question, if I have a base with NPCs in it … will they attack my friendly zombie slave, or flee in terror? Or treat him as friendly?

Zlaving a special zombie still attacks with special abilities like shockstorm, but yeah, necromancy mod makes it completely friendly and fight just like a normal one :+1:

A zombie slave remains hostile, so your NPCs will kill it once they got vision of it…

So I have a copper knife, and 3 ranks of each skill, and when I select the knife it comes up with only cutting things up and writing things while standing over a bruised body; and nothing in the % menu about zombie slaves…still not sure what’s wrong!

X-acto knives can do zlave, but try the other ones like a butcher knife or a scalpel. I don’t know why copper knives can’t zlave zombies :confused:

Seems to be that they need the fine quality, maybe that changed at some point, who knows.

In recent build, my character has “health care” 6, survival 5 and a scalpel, but activation of scalpel doesn’t give option to create zombie slave, while standing on non-pulped zombie corpse.
Is this ability removed from the game?

Yes, Z-slaves have been removed from the game.

Yes, 'can confirm this:

Also, hi other being named Victor :slight_smile: .

Well that sucks, guess I’ll need to find some way to trick has z9 on a treadmill attached to an alternator for my power now.