Zombie powered treadmill and more

  • zombies don’t rot
  • zombies always move toward you

Zombie powered treadmills for infinite energy.

Lightning generator

  • found an annoying broken generator that shoots electricity in the lab
  • harness this free energy with a lightning rod to charge your stuff
  • or you can repair the broken generators

Zombie biofuel

  • throw corpses, butchery scraps, tainted/mutant meat etc into a tub
  • rots into methane and fertilizer
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Zombie biofuel already exists. Just use tainted fat to make biodiesel. :stuck_out_tongue:


I know that zombies don’t rot ingame but decayed zombies are a thing.
Maybe they do rot? idk how long the blob could keeps them alive.

And yeah, as mentioned the biodiesel thing already a thing which is super cool.

About the lightning absorption: Possible but probably impractical? Wouldn’t jumper cables do the trick theoretically?

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The zombies are lore wise technically alive at least there tisseu’s are. The blob just takes over the bodely functions and turns the body into a meat pupet that it can manipulate at it’s leasure. Zombie themselfs therefor do not rot and the decayed zombie is just a zombie with a lot of wounds that have gotten infected but they are not rotting. Zombie corpses however do rot.

Decayed zombies are simply corpses which experienced some decomposition prior to their post-mortem animation.

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“A once-dead human corpse. Its discolored swollen flesh is riddled with festering wounds and open sores”

This discription doesn’t sound like a corpse that has started to decompost to me. Rather simpely a zombie with a lot of infected wounds.