Practical Applications of Zombies

In a post apocalyptic society, a shortage of manpower and equipment would necessitate finding alternatives. Zombies are plentiful, simple, and predictable. As a result there are plenty of things you could do with a properly restrained and contained zombie.

Electrical power generation (zombie treadmill/hamster wheel)

Electrical power generation 2: A carefully contained shocker zombie would allow for free power. All it would require is a grounding system inside their containment unit to draw off the charge they generate. The damn things are walking tesla coils after all, so copper plates or something would work.

Grinding various substances like grain into flour.

Mechanical Power: Cranes, elevators, cargo lifts, etc powered by a treadwheel system with belts and gears.

Acid Synthesis: Restrain a spitter or corrosive zombie above a tank of water, and give it a target. Acid emissions will mix with water to dilute into a more containable form, for use as feedstock for various purposes.

Zombie Oxen: Yoke a bunch of zombies with blinders to a wagon or sled and use them to pull it. Use an animal or something at the front as bait to make them move forwards.

I’m sure there are plenty of other applications.


My idea of biodiesel from zombies seems to be popular :slight_smile:

Could look to Shaun of the Dead for a few other novel applications xD

You kind of can. If you use tainted tallow. More often than not I just use a zombie powered lamp early game.

More uses for zombies:

Zombie Plow: Uses zombies to pull instead of horses or oxen.

Zombie Powered Machinery:'_screw


I read plow and thought you meant to tie them as a bumper to a vehicle xD

And that gives me an idea for another use. Chain a bunch of zombies or parts of them all over your vehicle to act as zombie camouflage, or create a pheromonal “safe zone” around your vehicle.

Or, you know, just to be a crazy reaver who likes to decorate with corpses and offal.


I feel like pointing out that you can use a knife on a zombie to make them a worthless slave incapable of harming you

I used a spitter to continuously make batteries by locking it in a cellar and beating it to death so I could pull acid out of its corpse. Then it would rise and be ready for harvest the next day.

How do you collect the acid?

Vacuationer over the corpse.

Maybe we could stick a string in fat zombies and let them burn like a candle?

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As I understand it, the blood draw kit replaced the Vacutainer due to trademark/copyright infringement issues due to that being a brand name (I saw a cease and desist order they sent on the forum somewhere).

Is the coding still the same to allow that, or was the item reworked entirely?

You want mobile, flaming corpses? Sounds like a fire hazard. Maybe a better way would be to harvest fat from them regularly, since the blob part is drawing in mass and energy from other dimensions to make it regenerate? Then just use the tainted fat to make oil or candles.

Nah, tie them down. Or make use of a bear trap. Hell, strap them with dynamite and send them into a horde with a talking doll around their neck. Watch the fireworks.

Fat factory might be a better method, but it’s on the weird side.

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I actually considered something like that, but how would you convince it to go towards the zombies and not turn around to follow you, or go off in some random direction?

Lets say you hang the talking doll about a foot in front of its face like a carrot on a string, its movement patterns would still be random, and simply reinforced by the doll. If it decides to look right, its going to start moving right. towards the doll that has moved. And if any louder noise catches its attention (gunshots for example), its going to turn towards them.

Tied arms and a skateboard.

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I’d cut its arms off entirely to begin with rather than tie them up.

As for the skateboard:
1.) How would it move on anything other than pavement, ex: grass.
2.) How would it stay upright on the skateboard?
3.) How to limit the directional control of the zombie? Skateboard could still drift to the left or right, if not outright turning around.

I just came up with a potential solution though: Remote control.

Super glue some earbuds into its ears, and duct tape an MP3 player to its back, with a radio controlled switch wired into each earbud cable. Then just steer it left and right by varying which ear is getting sound with a remote control or a laptop or something. All you would have to do is slap a vest with dynamite or remote C-4 on it, release it, and guide it to the target.

You could do the same thing only with a camera or something duct taped to its head instead, and boom, instant meat-probe for exploring cities from safety.

Yeah I think so. I haven’t used it since it got renamed, but I can’t imagine the code change was anything more than renaming it.

If you cut off the arms they will just regenerate (Although I guess zlaves are proof the goo doesn’t regenerate between “deaths” so I dunno what to think about that)

Sounds overly complicated. Hogtie it, set the bastard on fire, roll it down the street in a shopping trolley, watch a horde chase after the jingly glowy fun thing, set off the C4 and start playing your favourite music.

Well why bother with a zombie? just stuff a shopping cart full of C4 and cut out the middle man.

Besides, with the guidance method, you could stick a camera on them and use them basically like zombie cruise missiles or reconnaissance drones. You could hit places you can’t see, guide them around corners, into buildings, etc.