Zombie Hearing Radius too small?

In my latest run through the hearing radius of zombies seems to be very small - or a fairly continuous amount of sound is necessary to get their attention?

Constant gunfire seems to have a modest sound radius for zombies, and melee combat has a small one - but most other player sourced sounds such as air horns, truck horns, whistles and so forth seem to have very little effect.

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Depends what the zombies are doing too. I’ve had large groups completely ignore gunfire down the street because they mobbed up into a car, and keep getting drawn in by the sound of other zombies smashing the car in a perpetual cycle.

Yeah, I’ve seen that happen a lot. This particular one was just a diffuse street horde that wasn’t really doing anything at all - they hadn’t settled down to beat up a car or anything like that. They were just scattered pretty smoothly over the entire block, and they totally ignored a truck horn the next block over when I leaned on it - which is not how I remember that going as a rule.