Zombie flesh doesn't count as human flesh

And I’m pretty sure it should?

I… … …You know what it’s probably better if someone on the lore side of things cleared this up but functionally, anything marked with the material “hflesh” is human flesh, not sure what “tainted meat” qualifies as (beyond ‘not hflesh’) but I’m not sure if it should be marked as human flesh.

It is not human flesh anymore. It has been tainted with goo and so the flesh has been mutated.

I suppose the player character knows it’s been mutated and that it’s fine to eat if you don’t mind a little poison?


It should give you some morale penalties if you eat it. Also it should make you gain a bad mutation imo.

This is basically it, and one of the reasons we need a separate (and generally accessible!) meat-source variable.

With zombie dogs & bears (possibly deer, wolves, and cougars too?), zombie flesh needn’t be human. Good odds it is, depending on your location, but not guaranteed. Likewise, some of the giant insects (centipedes, mosquitoes, wasps, maybe dermatiks, IIRC) butcher as Tainted, presumably as poisonous?