Do zombies become stronger over time?

Are we all zombie food in the end?

Lots of them evolve into tougher zombie types over time. So pretty much yes they do.

I thought only zombie master can make zombies evolve.

Nope, they just rapidly evolve the nearby zombies. By winter you’ll see a lot more hulks, acidic, glowing boomers and other such advanced forms without ever having seen a zombie master.

Oops, just posted a similar response in the other thread.

Yes, zombies have a chance to evolve over time. I’m not 100% on the new evolution system, but it used to be that there was a list they could evolve into (thereby giving them a chance to evolve into basically the same creature, negating evolution) after a certain amount of time has passed.

Most creatures won’t evolve for quite a few weeks. You’ll start to notice tougher zombies around autumn/winter in the first year. And any of the scenarios that start you in year 2 often end up having a lot of hulks/corrosive/skeletal juggernauts pretty quick.

I did a LMOE start and opened my front door to a Kevlar armoured z9, grabbers, boomers, etc and a skeletal juggernaut.

I was forced to run into the woods to build a pine bough bed and basic shelter. Which I then burnt down because of my shallow fire pit.

Honestly, this game is the best. Except for finding heavy sticks or 2/4s in the wilderness prior to unlocking the stone axe; that’s a bitch.

i’ve had worse starts, i had one where a chicken walker was aggro’d at me inside the regular old shelter and i died on my first turn, literally.

Smash young trees and then snap the resulting long sticks in half for two heavy sticks.

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Thanks! I didn’t know this was possible. I was relying on finding them lying on the ground or through foraging.