Zombies/Increasing Ability Proposed Idea (Outline Related)

So, yes, I know, increasing difficulties have been a topic that spawns again and again.
Last time I started a topic, was some ideas about customizing your own guns and all which I still feel strongly for the idea an all, but here is something, much more plausible in my opinion.

I just re read this for the first time in a good long time, almost a year maybe?
"[17:38] <@GlyphGryph> I know there are a lot of people who want it to be a zombie game first and foremost"
"[17:39] <@GlyphGryph> Well right now they are basically a transitionary step for the netherum invasion, since it is using them to establish a foothold in our world until it figured out a way to adapt"
These jumped out at me particularly, and I assume the second quote meant the Slimes/Goo using the Zombies as stated earlier in that document.

Anyway, a more, long term goal came to mind. Slimes. Slimes started this, right? And so, maybe having slimes become more deadly by spreading out further and further (as planned, like the mycus and all) but taking over the Zombies. So, I saw mention of
"In line with our plans for progressive difficulty, they can certainly become tougher, develop special abilities, etc" in reference to the zombies.
So, why not, the goo actually spreads to cities and when Z’s becoming exposed and maybe even other wildlife, they mutate/evolve/develop special abilities, etc?
((Also, while typing this up and looking for these quotes I reread the last bit, just realizing that this sort of idea was vaguely in there.))
Anyway, I think this should be open to discussion? What do you’d think?
I’m not to sure on how or anything, it was just a sudden struck thought that came up as I was reading and so I feel like we should express our ideas regarding this.

Makes some sense, considering how

mutations work, it’s about people ingesting that substance that came with teleported stuff(sorry, forgot the name), and specific mutations work through getting it in contact with what you want to become… and know lots of Cooking to know how to make it work

but maybe the goo didn’t even NEED to spread. It can simply increase it’s influence in the zombies, after some time passes/something else/random reason, changing their phsyiology even more.

The main problem, i guess, it would be the life of a new character after his old one dies after the zombie “level-up”, if it’s a global event: he would be very weak against them, and cities would become a place to avoid completely, or to go after having a VERY good plan. And if the hordes are activated, God have mercy.

So, if the level up is not undone in case of new characters, there should be triggers to the evolution, maybe more than just Goo influence.