Zombie dogs (minor spoiler?)

Yea sounds good.

For what it’s worth, as a new player I love/hate the zombie dogs. I saw Fast Zombies in older Let’s Plays, and thought “meh, dogs are cooler”

As far as making dogs jump past windows, due to what I presume is a bug, jumping spiders and cougars can already do that. If they jump away from me, they can actually teleport through a window. Maybe this bug could become a feature.

I’ve had that happen. Stupid wolf hit me through my car window even though I was so careful to surround myself with boards and windows.

The ‘leap’ ability is kind of a hack. It is, f’reals, a short range teleport. Maybe I’ll fix that when I do this, heh, since I’ll be touching some of the same stuff.

if zombie animals make it in, there better be a super rare, super powerful 'The Beast" monster…no bigger than a cute, cuddly rabbit, absolutely ravenous with big, sharp pointy teeth!

Hey GlyphGryph how come when I copy your pictures url it shows this, and not the scratching one?xD (OH THEY VARY…Thats awesome…)