Z-Day scenario

While i was playing at CDDA i thought:it could be cool to create,with the other kinds of scenarios of the game like “Evacuee”,“Assault on precint Z” and others,a new kind of scenario?And i’d think that we could create a Z-Day scenario,when the characters live the first day of the outbreak,with soldiers and police man that trying to stop the zombie hordes (naturally the federal forces will be some military/police NPCs :slight_smile: ),the civilans trying to run out from the cities and other things :slight_smile: it could be funny and really epic!

It could be amazing if we had a well working npc ai . agreed.
How about a the day before scenario where i spawn at my house and the apocalypse hasn t reached my city yet?
Or a before it happened lab scenario where i play as a scientist or assistant or testperson.

This would not be posible because the escenario just teols where you spawn? Idk.

To be honest, it’s obviously awesome! Gloriously awesome. And the NPC are (in my totally wanting to believe opinion) advancing very fast, so this could be possible!

I imaging that would be difficult to do but it would be interesting. xD

I hope that one day it will be created a kind of scenario like this ^

Something like this would indeed be awesome but yeah, you are talking like far-flung future in terms of coding that would need to be done before something like this could even begin to be looked at.