(Game Mode) 30 Minutes Before The Apocalypse

Well, what it would be?, you ask.

The concept is simple, addition is not.

Well, it is to start with lots of humans in the houses and streets, being persued by zombies. It would be like if Apocalypse started just there. Zombies spawn a bit less, and they would also have tendency to spawn in residential areas.

Well, we don’t have NPCS, so they would need to be just normal creatures, like this:

Is always fleeing zombies and hostile creatures in general.
Their death will make you sadder, if you are seeing them when they die.
They will shout random stuff ala Mi-Gos.
They will try to hide in houses.
Zombies try to kill them.
They revive, as zombies.
They have an scent.
They make noise.
If surrounded, they could try to hit to survive.

Special type characteristics:

Normal clothes, normal everything. Spawns a lot. Terrified shouting. They convert into any kind of zombie, but not into Zombie Cops or Zombie Kids or very special ones.

The Average would follow them everywhere. They have cop clothes, and they are tougher and they hit a lot harder, but they are as terrified as the normal people. Converts into Zombie Cop. It does not spawn a lot, unless in big cities. Spawn is buffed in Police Dep. Shouts cop stuff.

Have kids, that follow them. Spawns less than average.

Their death make you really sad. Kid clothes. Spawn with mothers or without them, but with their mechanics they would have to follow mothers, still. Cries.

They would all die eventually, and convert into zombies. It would be quite fun to watch. Also, it would be really hard to play, being so sad and confused, and it would be really awesome, considering the confusion in the streets and stuff.

sound like a good idea and the cop bot ar friendly to you and the people for 30 minuts atacking the zombies

but the problem wuld be if the cops mhave guns and they shoot…yea is going to take some time for you move but still is a very good idea

It seems like a lot of work for a lot of nothing. A fancy ASCII cinematic featuring a scene like this sounds pretty neat, though.

I like. Could double as alt start.

There’s a reason the game starts afterwards, it’s the same reason most zombie movies do the same.
Depicting a chaotic disaster scene is extremely difficult, and is basically a completely different game than what we have.