Your opinions about my custom vehicle: horse

This horse is based on a motorcycle but it uses only “watera”. Watera is a new fuel which can be crafted from water without using any tools. IRL horses usually drink 35-45 litres of water per day so I set “energy consumption” quite high. Moreover, horses’ stomachs are quite small so “horse” has a small fuel tank. It is too fast but I usually travel at 32 km/h due to the fact that horses’ gallop averages 40 to 48 km/h. I travel at 64 km/h only when I am in danger. IRL working horses are able to drag a trailer which weighs 2204 lbs so I think that adding a cargo carrier to “horse” should not be seen as cheating. My horse is able to transport 23-24 logs. It is very helpful during working on a faction camp. Spawn rate of this vehicle is set to 1500 (highway) because there are 9.2 milion horses in USA. What do you think about this vehicle? Does it make sense at all?

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Had me really thinking you made a biological horse to ride in game xD


Woulda been cool.

You can tame a horse. but why not ride it? horses as a transport should be. Because it is a great alternative to gasoline transport. Sorry for my english

Add saddle bags for extra storage. Add a saddle and a blanket as options to keep the horse from hypothermia.

Extra storage for this vehicle is quite tricky. I have two ‘horses’: the one with small box is for travelling. The second horse is equipped with two cargo carriers which act as a trailer. I use the second horse to transport logs, two by fours, carcasses etc

Was referring to an actual horse lol

Made me chuckle though xD

The horse is awesome hack. Have you think in dissasemble horse? It is result meat, isn’t it?