You no longer have a none and can't continue crafting

Such an error I’m encoutering sometimes.
Usually, when I’m trying to craft comething with UPS-powered tool nearby, but resently I’ve encountered this error trying to craft a CBM with precicion solderers (know it exactly, because fully-charged soldering iron I have in the inventory). Integrated toolset seems to work fine.

It’s an item that was thrown into the recipes to make crafting CBMs impossible. Spawn one in via the debug menu, because you aren’t going to find one naturally.

I’ve had this a few times when cooking.
Tried macking some mac and cheese yesterday. Had the option to use hard cheese or cheese spreads. I chose hard cheese, got halfway through crafting and it said I didn’t have a required component (hard cheese).

Is it giving the option to use components even if you don’t have them now?

If you didn’t have it, you couldn’t have chosen it, so I don’t know what’s going on with that.

Seems like this bug appears when you have a tool, but haven’t enough charges to finish the work… or the game think you haven’t

I noticed that too the other day. Went to carry on with the mac cooking, standing next to a hotplate, but the options gave me about 30 things to cook with. It was stuff with no charges or that I didn’t have.

your character didn’t fail and waste materials right?

Not in my case anyway.

This is still an issue in the current stable build 0.E. Start superglue, pause, take a nap, try to continue without lighting stove and receive the error until lighting. Not the end of the world (hehe) but honestly had me scratching my head the first time it popped up.

i mean, the stable build doesnt update, so yeah it would still be an issue, but in your case its the fire that is an ingredient and you cant ‘continue’ the recipe til you have it.

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thank you for this, dropping the HackPRO usb stick fixed this error message for me while crafting a control laptop just now on 0.F

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