Choices Choices Choices! moo

I’ve mentioned it before, but can’t remember if anyone said anything about it.

Got halfway through a food cook when the fire went out. Went to activate it to continue cooking it and it seems like the game is giving me every cooking appliance in the game to choose from, even though I only have a hotplate and a soda can stove.

Any idea why it’s letting me choose, and use, objects that I don’t even have?

happens with other items too, like when you need a soldering iron, just be careful to choose a tool you have, if not, you will be unable to finish the craft

It’s letting me choose items I don’t have and i’m able to finish the craft.

Maybe only happens if you dont have the charges (or are unable to reload it) for it, i accidentally choose the integrated toolset instead of the soldering iron, i could start it, but never able to finish it, same when i choose the charcoal forge instead of the electric one