"You Have No Face" Morale - Cant Talk & Cant Yell

As the title said:
“You Have No Face”
Can’t talk to NPC = Cannot finish quest
When I try to talk to NPC, the reponse “You can’t talk without your face”
How to solve this?
Is this bug or not?
how can i fix this(if its bug) or how i can cure it(if its not bug please spoiler me)?
Really it cause me frustation.

CCDA Version Used is 0.E.

Thank You for your attention.

Finding your face and putting it back on would be a good start.


This message means that you have the True Foodperson trait which gives you the no face effect if you’re not wearing the foodperson mask

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Thanks for solution.

By the way, I almost thinking my face & mouth melt by acid zombie making my char unable to talk.

I love this game, have to say I’ve never lost my face, definitely going to keep that spoiler closed :grin:
So it can be a surprise

This was one of the weirdest starts/character choices, and I’m loving the unique challenge so far. Really changing my usual play style rut. :smiley:

I do n’t want to spoil,
Tip: Your “@” has a trait that was chosen when creating the character.
It makes you “will not” speak when something is missing.
Find it.
If you don’t want to enjoy the fun of exploration, tell me and I will give you the correct answer.

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