NPC speech fix

My vision:
First, NPC says: Hi there.
Deafult set of questions: a. What’s going on? b. Are you okay? c. Give me something useful. d. Bye
NPC answers on question a: a. We are now in the evaquation shelter, it’s dangerous to stay in the houses - monsters and marauders everywhere. b. I told you already - we are in the shelter, it’s dangerous outside.
NPC answers on question b: a. I’m fine, no worries. b. (Tells about the job)
NPC answers (gives 1 or 2 items) on question c: a. Well… I don’t have much, how about this? (gives something). b. No, I need stuff myself, look in the basement.
NPC answers (random) on question d: a. See ya. b. Good luck.
Next, when NPC tells about the job, player has following answers: a. Ok, I’ll do it. b. No, it’s too dangerous for me.

I mean these are all options - no persuation or lies, simple and beautiful. I want to see all dialogs that way.