"You have an alcohol craving. Stop xxxxx ? (Y/N)"

Could be nice to add ignore system with this message :slight_smile: like when there is some noises.


I was going to post exactly this. Is very annoying when you want to study a book, and even more when you actually want to drink your booze (I like roleplay, and a alcoholic post-apocalypse survivor is just awesome) and doing so requires you to stop the studiying. I am not enterely sure, but I feel like I waste a LOT of time doing this. Something to do with the “It takes X minutes to read this book”, and you having a craving before you finish this lecture time, forcing you to reset the “lecture timer”.

Please, add a option to ignore it and a option to drink like a sponge everytime you have a craving. This could also apply to cigarretes.


Actually yeah, the option to satisfy a craving while not canceling the task would be nice.

No reason you can’t read a book and smoke a cigarette at the same time.

You have a craving for X:

  1. Ignore Once
  2. Ignore All Cravings
  3. Consume X and continue reading
  4. Cancel Task

I have to double-check, but the long-term action thing should be continuing to tick down the duration of whatever your task is, so you aren’t wasting any time. Is it prompting you with “Resume task? Y/N” when you read again after drinking/smoking/whatever?

Well iv only tryed to build/butcher while getting this message and yes game asked me resume task for both when iv stoped with this message.

It’s reallllyyyyy annoying because you need to sometime say NO about 10 or 20 time in a row to end the task. butcher need often more than 3 time too when your slowed a bit.

Maybe it should just make crafting take longer instead of actually interrupting the task. Perhaps pop up a message to reflect that it’s taking you extra time because your hands are shaking/you have the DTs/you keep fantasizing about crack/whatever.

Actually on second thought it would be reasonable to either add an ignore or just have it not interrupt, probably the formar.

With books, it says nothing about “resuming task”

OF course because for now book give experience % all the time, not like construction or burtchering witch does an effect only at the end.