A request about the "Study X until you learn...?" prompt

Would it be possible to not have this auto-stop reading on the first “You fail to learn…” once your skill has reached the cap from a book? As it is it can be tedious to keep going through the prompts to get those last couple of recipes.

Not sure what you mean, doesn’t it let you know that when you reach that level?
And you stop reading when you gain a level.

When you get all the skill a book can offer, but still lack a recipe, there is no “study until you learn a recipe” option. You have to do individual reads over and over to learn recipes, which ends up being incredibly tedious, and digging the last recipes out of a book often feels like it takes way longer than getting the skill out of it.

When you’ve reached the skill limit for a book, but there are still recipes to learn attempting to read it still brings up the “Study skill until you learn something? (gain a level) (Y/N) (Case Sensitive)” prompt.
Choosing “Y” will read once, then stop, whether you learn something or not.

Yeah, I think it’s an oversight.

Thanks for clarifying, that sounds like a reasonable change.

“Study until the book has no more to teach you” would seem to be something that would fit player objectives. Not sure that I have ever had that option when reading things in real life though…

Yes this option is perfect +1 for this amazing unhassle feature

I would love this. It would save a ridiculous amount of keypresses.

Be sure to disable this feature if your character is incapable if learning a recipe in the book :slight_smile: