You fall to the ground!

You fall to the ground! said my Dwarf Fortress HUD before i knew that i should never travel by night, motherfucking Boogieman.

BUt ok, what about to add that function to Cataclysm? That you can crouch and/or fall to the ground, and you make a just a bit of noise and you are usually unnoticeable. Like DayZ. But EXTREMELY slow. Also getting up would take 200 action points.

And with some good hits, like having an awesome punch from a Hulk, to fall to the ground and got a bit knocked. This would add realism and “difficultiness” to the game.

There is the downed state that you can get from jabberwocks(I think?) but I’d love to see that expanded into something that makes you move slower and (and quieter when you choose to crawl/crouch) rather than just holding you in place.

Yeah, a hulk smacking you would most certainly be grounds (ohoho) for knocking you down.

Would be good if usual Z’s could ground you. You know, like in the movies, or latest games, where Z jumps out of nowhere and lands on the ground with main protagonist, trying to bite while he defends himself any way he can. Mmmmmmm…

That’s what I call a PitA. nthx/-1.