What is this?

some kind of jackhammer? found it on a farm


Volume:20 Weight: 35.00lbs
Bash:14 Stab:6 to-hit bonus: -8
Moves per attack:409
Price $400.00
Material: Steel
Charges: 0
Maximum 400 charges of gasoline.

Ce jacqueshammer marche a l’essence.
Utilisez-le )se charge) pour creuser un trou
dans un terrain solide adjacent[/b]
Description is in spanish for some reason.

It’s French. Other than that, it works exactly like a jackhammer.

And it’s a reference to a Family Guy joke I believe.

The first rule about the jaqueshammer is that we don’t talk about the jaqueshammer.

It does a French laugh as it hammers.

ahh. I feel dumb now. lol.