Mutation Proof Armor

Are mutagen resistant suits real?
Was trying to kill rat king but it turned my beautiful CBMed supersoldier into a horrible biomass abomination.

nevermind, it was radiation all along

yyyyep. gotta grab that radiation scrubber CBM, and the integrated dosimeter if you can find it (shows you how much radiation you have as well as warns you when you’re taking it.)

alternatively, if you wanna protect yourself from radiation in the future, check every biohazard suit zombie you find for a sealed radiation badge, if you think you’re in an area you’ll find radiation, take it out and wear it… it’ll warn you when you’re taking radiation so you can book it. alternatively a geiger counter, but they’re a bit more hard to find.

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I don’t think “ratting” has anything to do with radiation. My character got badly mutated from rat king ratting despite wearing an ANBC suit and a heavy survival facemask (until mutations pushed it off). As far as I know there’s nothing you can do to protect you against ratting. You can use various methods to try to kill the rat king before it’s caused too much damage, but there’s nothing that can protect you while the bugger is alive and ratting you.

that is very specific to that rather uncommon boss, they’re entirely optional, so next time your best solution would be either pack purifier or avoid fighting in the entirely optional cave.

Some horrors are not a good idea to fight or experience, one is best avoiding them.
Potassium iodide of course helps prevent being soaked with radiation if taken before exposure in vanilla? from what I recall,

in PK rebalancing prussian blue actually helps purge it, PK rebalancing features more radiation and thus more ways to reduce it, so if you play with that mod in future, multivitamins and gummy vitamins help you purge radiation, the real life rationale for it is basically, your body is largely water, rads are in that water, vitamins make you pee it out more through hypervitaminatosis which causes you to get thirsty and pee more.

I recommend that you play with mutations via radiation turned off, I don’t consider it realistic, though some lore validates it happening.

I’d like to implement these medications/treatments into the base game though a more realistic solution would involve altering how vitamins affect the player.

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True, but you have to encounter that particular boss once to find out that it’s both crippling to fight it, and it yields between nothing and little in the form of loot (I did get an inactive laser turret that I’d seen on my first visit, as well as to find that there weren’t any more levels in the cave).
I’ve now fought that boss once and spent days purifying away the effects, and now know there’s very little gain in fighting them, especially given the cost. The OP was fighting a rat king, rather than (or possibly in addition to) radiation.

I’m pretty sure the rat king works on line of sight. If you smoke out the cave it won’t see you, and if you pack a gas mask you’ll be fine. Just smoke out the area while you duck behind a wall and wait. If the king is visible right away just go up the stairs and go down to lure the rats up or just make a beeline towards it.

Also if you stay 9 squares away from it you won’t get the effect. Best thing to do is to shoot it as soon as you see it, but clear out the rest of the rats first.

If I knew what I would meet I’d have handled it differently. The situation was compounded by the (buggy) fact that the rats refused to follow the PC up the stairs, refused to move from the stairs below, and couldn’t be engaged from the top of the stairs, so getting back up to the vehicle to grab some more suitable equipment wasn’t an option: either fight with what I had, or forget about that unexplored cave and the laser turret.

I tried to fight the rats first, but that’s useless as you run out of breath after 30 or so swings with a melee weapon and interrupt locked if you use a ranged one and try to aim. I did eventually get the bugger with a bow despite the other rats, and eventually clear out the remaining rats as well, but I think it took over 1 hour in the game, with about 16 mutations in the baggage.

It’s wasn’t possible to keep any distance as the rats pinned my character at the stairs.

I haven’t played the newest version yet but the stamina consumption/weariness really does sound like a pain. My main character is a fully kitted out bionic super mutant, so I guess my approaches are infinitely easier to do because of how my character is built. In any case it’s not worth the risk of getting mutated, the rare loot down there is mostly just laser weapons or plutonium cells.

This happened with 0.E2 stable, but extremely fast stamina depletion in melee, compounded by the very low hit probability in melee is a major issue for me. It doesn’t help that the character was just above “average” strength with 9, as I’d made the guess that INT and DEX would be worth 10 and STR and PER would be OK with 9. The next character (0.F, when that happens) will take the fact that STR is king and INT is queen into consideration.

walk in there with a 50 cal, you look at him, he looks at you, snarls, and then his brains splatter on the wall =D

Ah. All my stats are 20+. I recommend going for mutations to increase the base stats, or try stats through skills/kills to add some flavor to your characters. Strength/Dex/Int/Per all have their own modifiers and buffs and occasional debuffs depending on how high the stats are. Though imo strength is the best stat for general survivability and melee potential

Detailed stat effects here:

I don’t like how mutations work, so I stay away from them. If it would be possible to just purge single ones selectively I’d go for it, but the current gamble is just too messy.
Bionics are OK in my book, though, but you have to find the ones you want.
The problem with the stats through kills/skills is that they seem to be too powerful. I find the slow character improvement stuff worked on for 0.F to be more to my taste (assuming I’ve understood that correctly). I’m aiming for a good character, not a super hero (but in a sandbox game everyone can play as they find enjoyable).

mutations basically work like a random chance, theres a 50/50 chance it’ll either be good or bad, with the first option being a really good mutation, second being a meh- not so good mutation, third being a bad mutation, and the fourth being a really bad mutation… you can increase this chance to a 75% split in your favor by taking ‘robust genetics’ or getting it somehow via mutation or profession

Yes, I known I can shift the dice a bit in the mutation gamble, and I don’t have a problem with that part. The problem comes with the removal of the bad stuff that will then rip away good stuff with it (on top of the risk of getting some bad stuff that can’t be purified away). I guess that if you play that game a sufficient number of times you have a chance to reach a position where you leave the table with your winnings, but that hinges on whether you were lucky enough not to get things that can’t be purified before that, which I think will probably happen.

… well theres also the option of savescumming… if you’re into 100% success…

cough anyway, this is way off the original topic.


I’m certainly not above save scumming, and I agree that we’ve gone far off the rail.

One of my favorite characters was my fav thanks to the rat king. Went all in on it and mmm was that a fun time rolling in infinite guns and ammo thanks to essentially a built in pickaxe. Embrace the rat king, he will send you down the true path to success.

As for mutation I usually just look at the bad stuff as part of the whole package. I often find the good stuff well worth the baggage. I do think the default chance of a positive mutation is a bit low though. I usually run robust genetics because of that. Great starting trait, especially if you slap genetic chaos on.

There is the purifier smartshot, which has a high probability of doing exactly that. It’s rare lab loot.

That is indeed true. Purifier smart shots I believe they are called. Believe they only spawn in finale rooms though I haven’t seen one recently.