Minor Radioactivity mutatiom 0.F-3

Had a fair bit of luck looting a mutagen early on with a Robust Genetics character, got Genetically Unstable out of it and my Fast Healer trait maxed out thanks to it.
Now said character has woken up with the Minor Radioactivity mutation and a bit of research on the wiki/forums tells me that this mutation isn’t as Minor as it seems and that the Radioactivity will quickly accumulate and make my entire base uninhabitable so unless those are outdated it seems like my character is kinda fucked since I lack the mechanics/materials to live as a nomad without reducing my goals to “barely surviving until evolution beats my inability to upgrade my gear”.

I barely have Food handling 6 and no NPCs live with me (besides an emotional support beagle), what measures can I take to not only survive but thrive in my base without the Radioactive traits becoming an issue.

PD: I’ve also considered using Debug but given hiw lucky this character has been it wouldn’t feel right to cheat his first bad mutation away despite the rough start he had (although that part was my fault)

According to what I’ve read it’s possible to protect your environment from your character by donning a hazmat suit.

Until you can acquire one, I’d suggest moving to a temporary base (somewhat) nearby until it gets too contaminated, and then move to the next one, and then the next one, and so on, until you either get a suit or are able to get rid of the mutation. The first temporary base may even be the one you’re using currently, and then be on the lookout for/reserving a good location for a more permanent base until you’re no longer a hazard to it (and this would mean holding up the starting of constructions on that base, but not hoarding of construction materials at the temporary ones, or depot scattered around the area).

Where can hazmat suits be found?

Although If I have to wear the full suit I’ll be suffering a hefty morale penalty because of my True Foodperson trait

I’m not sure. I would expect places that deal with hazardous materials, but I can’t say I remember where I’ve found them. They’re not very common…
I would spontaneously look for them in the buildings by hazardous waste dumps, as you can visit those buildings without entering the dump part of the site, but I stress that I’m not sure they can be found there.

You’ve certainly made things difficult for yourself by picking such a trait! I guess this means you’ll have to decide whether to be miserable and have a fixed base or not be as miserable and move from place to place (while looking for purifiers to get rid of the mutation, I would guess).

Welp, atleast I have decent combat skills/equipment, a bike in perfect condition and my other mutations make constant fighting fairly manageable so I’ll go hunt for a hazmat for a few days (hopefully just a few).

Btw will my equipment/vehicle get irradiated? Will the hazmat solve that?
I don’t want to irradiate the shit out of my best gear and tools and have to ditch them once I’m cured because of it

I cannot say with certainty, but I don’t think so. If that was the case, nothing in irradiated places would be useful, which basically would mean they’d be a waste of time to visit.