Wrong dreams for trog

My trog survivor (love that regeneration and night vision) is continuously having spider dreams. Is the code frayed?

Are you over the treshold? Full night vision is shared by troglobite, fish and spider trees. You may have other mutations that make you closer to a spider’s treshold, than troglobite’s.

Oh definitely over threshold, have both subterranean fortitude and build.

I think it’s trying to make you a spider as well. You can have two thresholds plus but I’m not sure if you can legitimately. In my Mycus game I have had dreams of other mutations(had genetic chaos and ran through a waste sarcophagus) but I don’t think I breached threshold with any of them just dreams mostly mycus but some spider and I think plant.

Cool that eases my mind.

Two thresholds? Is this a new feature?

I don’t know I’ve not test it legitimately as I said I just know that debug can give you all the thresholds.

As far as I know, the game locks you out of any other threshold as soon as you get your first, but it would be pretty nice to mix things up a little…


(I thought it says “gotta get them all” originally, but this’ll do)

(It would also be fun if someone changed it to “Mutations! Gotta get them all”. I’m no artist, can’t do it myself)

As I said it doesn’t stop debug so it wouldn’t be hard to mod it so you can be a slime trog or something.

I’m too much of a purist. But I’ve post-threshold 18 survivors using a persistent base/ world and am compiling a good list of concerns. Like spider with 16 post threshold mutations and I did not waste a good survivor on useless lupine.