Wraitheon infantry - what a heck is it?

it is a bloody monsters. radiated wanderers is a shitty lamers versus them. it’s like Hulk. yes W11 not throw me to long flight…
but i do not know how they kill me.
i sometimes try to fight them hand-to-hand and die.
i sometimes try to shoot him with P-quality shooting and die.
i may kill them when i long stay and they go to me. but this not exact. they may kill me.

tactics versus them NEED.

Have you tried using an excessive amount of explosives and smoke bombs.


Do you have Extended Realistic Guns mod enabled, and have you tried shooting them with fully modded M107?

smoke bombs? i try, of course.

Extended Realistic Guns mod? no.

The Wraitheon series are gun using robots. They shoot with bullets. They also have night vision. Other than that, they are normal enemies.

Anything that makes you immune to bullets works. This includes vehicles that block LOS, armored vehicles, power armor, and to some extent heavy survivor armor.

One option is to remote control a vehicle to the edge of your reality bubble, and use it to kill robots via turret. You can also craft remote controlled explosive RC cars. And, of course, any weapon that can attack past 60 tiles - certain explosive and rocket launchers fall in this category (the range limit is 60 tiles, but the explosion AOE can go past that).

There exist overpowered CBMs, but you have to get super lucky with those. I don’t know if cloaking generator works. I doubt darkness generator works since they have night vision. Time dilation might give you a few turns of not getting shot to work with, but that’s risky.

Oh - and the W11 are the weakest variant of that enemy type, and the Wraitheon series are not the only defenses surrounding national guard camps. You have been warned.

EDIT: I’ve been told that Wraitheon’s can spot anything within 30 tiles even if line of sight is blocked. I have not confirmed this, but I recommend playing it safe.

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you answer me - i hear you and i thank you.
wish you good hunt, camerade!

oh… you so true so true
i see fear… its w12b10 - battle ingener with flamethrower and… !!! teleporting ability.
if you see him near of you - RUN for the name of god!!!
or you need to be sharpshooter.

everything exists a hogwash… except bees… and if to think that and bees too a hogwash…
i mean - radio controlled noise generator - rulezzz 4eva.


EDIT: and Control laptop also rule :slight_smile: