Wow, so this game is actually screen reader accessible?

So i recently started to get interested in accessibility in games in general, of course, finding that the most accessible games are text MUDs and ASCII Roguelikes, any games which involve lots of text input/output in general, i played CDDA for a long time before that but only recently reading some topics on reddit found out that it is also accessible with screen readers

Judging by the description of 0.D, some updates were made to make the screen reader work in a better way, of course considering the Windows console version still does not work (might need some clarification), if it at least works on Linux console (judging from what i’ve heard), then this is one of the most freaking amazing things in gaming, seriously

I really wish that i could get a reply from Kevin Granade or some players who use screen reader to play it, i know it is still a mess with some versions on Linux not working at all, not even sure if Windows console works, but this is truly inspiring and just AWEsome

I’m not sure what the question you want answered is, the curses version is fundamentally fairly accessible, and we’ve done some adjustments to make things more accessible based on feedback from screen reader users.

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Is there a way to make a text screenshot?

Thank you for reply, Kevin, i truly appreciate your work and dedication, so the Windows curses version works now as well?
Because apparently back in the day it did not work at all with screen readers but only the Linux versions did

You are really awesome because, well, this is actually may be going into history of accessibility of games, such deep and extremely complex game (i kinda even lost my love to Fallout after finding this gem) - and you guys actually made a lot of effort to make it properly accessible, that is truly awesome

Windows is problematic, because the terminal build is only pseudo-curses, and I have no idea if windows screen readers can read it correctly, and even if they can, performance is perversely worse than the SDL build.

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You can just select all and copy from terminal session.

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I can’t select with mouse or right-click and select all. Terminal on Ubuntu.

Try different Terminal.

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Different terminal? Do I need to set a different font? When I used to play on Windows I couldn’t select and copy either.

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When you are running curses version, it is run inside of some Terminal emulator software (and there are a lot of them - see I don’t know which one you are using and can’t tell you why you can’t select text there.

As stated above, Windows Terminal (curses) version is only pseudo curses and it does not probably allow text selection.

Tiles (SDL) versions on any platform obviously also does not allow text selection.

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Thanks. I start the game with the “./cataclysm” command in system terminal.

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