How-to select and copy textmsg in SDL-version of game?

when i run FAR cammander - i can select part of the screen by the edit-select(and after select) but in the CDDA i can not - there’s no such option in the menu in the head of the screen. maybe there is third-side program which CAN do copy of the text screen in the SDL text programs?


Simple answer, you likely can’t do this easily.

In SDL version what you are getting on screen is image content, the glyphs are cached and later output to SDL_Rect.

To be able to copy from the window you’d have to do some kind of raw capture + OCR to get it back to pure text.

Is it possible when you select ascii in tiles build? - it is a SDL version?
curses version can get me option to copy from the screen?

I believe so yeah. Tiles == SDL, ASCII == Curses.