Wood chopping and wood sawing questions

Does using wood chopping of 2 give you less two by fours or logs than if you actually use wood sawing? Arew wood chopping 1 and wood sawing 1 used for anything? Is splintered wood a byproduct of making two by fours?

Tree Cutting is for cutting down trees, turning logs into planks, and a few other things.

Wood sawing is for shaping wood into usable items, for example wooden wheels, beds, barrels, etc.

If you change the (m)ode while looking at recipes, you can see if a project will yield any by products like splintered wood. The most reliable way to get splintered wood is to (s)mash wooden objects.

Cool thanks. Yeah I don’t need splintered wood, was curious if you get that when making planks as a byproduct or if it was because of low skill.

I didn’t know that about the (m)ode option, thanks, I’ll have to check that more often.