Wolves seem to be immune to lava

I found a random lava streak in a field and managed to kite some wolves into it. But rather than getting damaged by the lava itself or even just the intense heat they just happily went through. I’m pretty dang certain that that isn’t normal.
I should have taken a screenshot when I had the chance.

Are you sure the wolves actually stepped into the lava? Because they are not supposed to do that.since like most living creatures they have the “PATH_AVOID_DANGER_1” flag. That means that unlike zombies, wolves have enough sense to go around dangerous things they can see (like lava) instead of just charging to their death.

Currently the intense heat near lava only effects players, monsters and non-coldblooded NPC’s are immune to any and all temperature effects. So it is perfectly possible for the wolves to run through rifts of lava and come out without a scratch as long as they don’t actually step in it (which as I already said, is not supposed to happen).

I had wondering if the blistering heat around lava only effected players already, but thanks to you I have verification.
But yes, a wolf literally walked right on top of a tile with lava in it.

Since they are meant to actively avoid walking onto it I’m wondering if it could be some random bug effecting that one tile.
Maybe it just didn’t register or something.

Seriously, I really wish I had thought to take a screenshot :expressionless:

Maybe they were not damaged enough to die.

I saw squirrels literally exploded from the damage when walking over lava.

When I looked at thier health at it was completely full and green, so chances are that wouldn’t be accurate.
Still, nice suggestion of what it may have been.

By ‘sqiurls exploding’ do you mean similar to if you hit one at point blank range with a metal crossbow bolt leaving nothing but scraps of gore around it?

Yes they died and there was only red stain on nearby tile but no corpse.