Expose on the high temperature, is just too horrible

Somethings really screw up with the high temperature, I was in the underground at the National Guard Camp, there’s reactor, I wanna pick some plutonium cell inside, but there’s problem with the lava, I mean when I try to passing by the lava with my full power armor and helmet and CBM active, It’s said my body temperature was rise up, as soon as my body at the red level, I started to threw up, but not once, I threw up so repeatedly. even the game are freeze, and I can do nothing but to restart the whole game, I remember I had a same problem at the outpost few days ago, I take down a flamethrower zombie, and It ignite the whole house at the outpost, I was nearby the house, about like 5 tiles away, and body temperature just rise up like crazy… and I have the same situation just like what happen on the reactor…

One of my friend said, he try to threw the incendiary grenade at the few place, and only endup like the same problem just like I did, and he’s not even at the red body temperature, threw up just so repeatedly, he was unable doing anything, especially the flamethrower with the RM type, he can only fire twice, before the heat temperature got him.

can we making threw up at least have a few delays, so we wont endup like trying to vomit all the organs out our body?

Once you get up to the red zone your skin is actually boiling to a certain degree. Basically a combination of the high heat, pain, constant vomiting, and damage stun locks you. The indication of a crash usually comes from the computer interpreting the situation as an app locking up.

Long story short though, don’t go playing with fire.

Not exactly certain as I never enter those locations due to the insane coverage of robots and land mines. But I would assume you were under the influence of Radiation Poisoning. If using plutonium and such. It would make sense to get burns and vomiting.

You know, is kind of strange, because I try the lava again, and pick plutonium cell as much as I can, and this time, somehow, even I already in a red level temp on my body, I wasn’t endup threw up endlessly, I don’t know how I did, I just passing the lava like usual,

by the way, I’m sure pain level is not the problem to me, since I was a prototype mutant, and I already gain a ability to immune the pain, and radiation poisoning too, due to I have a CBM to clean it out.

It could be a change. But in past versions of the game. I have noticed(like real life), going to near lava will kill you.

The intense heat does this and kills. Movies show people inches away from molten rock. Which is wrong when you consider they should burst into flames and die.

Temple of Doom is still a cool movie ;D

What about the lava that is on your way? such like subway tunnel? I can found a lava on the tunnel so often, and it can always blocking your way, also, I don’t know what you think, I think the temperature can somehow go through the glass just dosn’t feeling right, Some time the lava on other side the glass(bulletproof) and it still heat you up, for some reason, I’m not sure if this happen as the same as real life, by the way, wasn’t the power armor are supposed to dealing with such heat? I don’t know, I think power armor can take more heat level than this?

Glass will melt from lava. Lava is literally melted rock/stone. So in a game the heat should radiate out…but maybe bugged because it should also melt glass. Bullet proof or otherwise.

Lava/magma can go from 1100F - 2200F temperature. It can almost melt (on average) steel. In either case. A power suit would get hotter than an oven and it would kill the occupant irregardless.

what about the Thermal Dissipation CBM? it can prevent heat damage up to 2000 degrees fahrenheit, maybe that’s the reason why I wasn’t threw up endlessly? because last time I use this CBM in order to passing lava.

I never use this CBM. Does this CBM need to be intentionally activated or always on? Maybe, not enough Bionic Power?

Not certain about the code though. Maybe the lava is still too hot?

It does, the lava are still heat me up on red level, but I guess this CBM just prevent me stuck on a endless vomit, and yes this CBM need to intentionally activated, and it cost your enegry like crazy.

Sorry mate. No idea. You will have to wait for a coder =/

I use the Internal Climate Control CBM too, I guess the power armor with those CBMs does have a little effect at all.

Does power armor cool you down? I can’t recall. Been so long since I used it.

I tested that sometimes a few months ago. The puke lock only seems to happen if you pass a turn while close to lava. Moving normally wont kill you.
Thats how it was with me, anyways.

So, you mean, this is some kind of game glitch, not a normal reaction ?

and I think we’ve all learned a lesson today, don’t stand near lava kids!

It certainly looked like one. I had repair nanobots and a truckload of bionic power, and my char just stayed there for hours wretching, burning and healing himself. That didn’t look fun.

That’s horrible, but I guess they noticed it too. maybe they already at the way to fix this damn thing.

While lava is generally extremely hot, simply going near it is not generally an automatic death sentence.

People have been filmed walking across rock crusts in the immediate vicinity of molten lava that was hot enough to ignite their footwear, and they were nevertheless able to survive handily despite the proximity of a large amount of active molten lava with only moderate protection (NOT purpose build environment gear).

Heavy duty heat protection such as that available in CDDA via full environment suits or power armor should probably be able to protect against pretty much anything other than direct immersion in lava, at least for a few minutes.

Basically it seems like radiant heat is behaving a bit too aggressively in CDDA at the moment. It can certainly be dangerous, but with heavy insulation and especially with protection against heated/poisonous gasses, it should be possible to hang out quite close to intense heat sources for several minutes, as opposed to a few seconds before suffering severe effects.