[WIP] Wandering Masters MOD

My Wandering Masters mod that adds new NPCs with quest lines. Most content works, but needs additional testing, different stuff may need balance, dialogues needs proofreading etc. I’m open for suggestions and ideas of any kind!

The idea of the mod is to add “Wandering Masters”, NPCs that can “teach” character something interesting after completing their quest line, such as: martial arts, give good traits, remove bad traits.

In this mod, you will find:

  • More than 10 different masters, each has their own personality*, own story to tell* and their own view on the day when earth stopped*.
  • More than 35 unique*, handcrafted* missions, to add more thrilling* and rich* experience to your Cataclysm.
  • Join them in their adventures, learn all their secrets and in the end, receive epic rewards!
  • Visit unique locations, such as: secret base of ‘Flame Knuckle’ martial school; mercenary Hub, controlled by pre-cataclysm crime lord.
  • The stories was written by unknown and unprofessional writer - me.

Do you have what it takes to become a new Wandering Master?

Works best on latest experimental builds. Stable is unsupported(?). BN is currently unsupported(?). Some stuff works only on latest experimental versions!

Download link (also you can find it in Kenan or Goat modpacks):

Currently WIP, beta stage. Feel free to PM me if you encounter bugs or something that not work as it should.

Special thanks to mlangsdorf.

*most things are pure exaggeration


BN? What does that stand for? I’ll probably try out this mod after I day, which of course could happen at any moment.

BN would be Bright Nights, the ongoing CDDA fork.