Snow ideas (and more)

As a player who somehow is better at wilderness survival then city (Idk how) I noticed that you can’t build stuff from snow… And I think I have some suggestions
1)melt snow and ice
2)build… The oval snow thing that escimos live in
3)ice- hard material (throw it, use as weights, carryble water whit out container
4)build snow blocks for your new cold home
5) rivers freeze so you can fall trouch the ice and you better have a NPC… I mean buddy whit first aid of…2 to know how to pull you out of the hole
Snow- expanded freezing water
7)can be used as cement for snow blocks becose you breath to melt snow and snow now watery, and freezes the blocks together, snowballs
8)white clothes camouflage
9)when snow melts it (when winder ends) it nutrients the plants that your growing

As non-snow ideas:

  1. watering your farm (I grew bee palm in the middle of nowhere whit no rain for 4(5?) days)
    2)ways to get more stone in wilderness
    3)catching trash in fish traps or when fishing
    4)craft the water system (you dig a path or craft something to make the water travel that bath and reach somewhere
  2. climb trees? And shelves as the have the open spaces batween wood to climb? Climbing should be a feature, you can hide in certain trees, see farther (expands the activity bubble too),collect scruff from the tree, becose I noticed Apple trees give like 4 apples, maybe I could reach more if I climbed?
    5.1)collect branches from trees
    6)NPC react to weapon held (if I saw someone whit a gun wanting me to surrender, and drop all my stuff, I would would try to hide stuff but drop becose one click and am dead)
    6.1)make NPC drop more stuff (low success change but high reward)
    7)peeking is better, becose when peeking I only need one eye sticking out and that’s very unnoticeable, also peeking from behind cover like trees (if sight blocking obstacle is near, player is near the obstacle, he can peek and see stuff but him seen change is determined by what the obstacle becose walls need 1/2 of yards head)
    8)creative attacks (like hot water can be thrown on somone from pots and pans but stuff like bottles, you just don’t have time to pour that 250ml for 30 sec, throw it!
  3. also I don’t have to eat the plant, I am dehydrated in my wilderness world and I have plants whit water, can’t I chew the plant, use teeth to filter water from the plant, drink it and spit out the (now cinda dry) plant

I know that my ideas are ridiculously big “demands” but I like to think of me as stuff that mod makers can keep in mind, like when somone makes a stealth mod (still want somone to make that mod) he can keep the peek stuff in mind

Conrad’s, you made it to the end of this ridiculously huge idea list but before you leave I have a question : when only wilderness how many npc do I keep? My BFF friend surprisingly hasn’t starved from 3 days of hunger and no water, only 4 wild vegies when another one joined me

An Igloo?

This seems like a cool idea. The only problem is that I dont think the game’s engine could handle temperature/water physics.

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There is also the issue of your igloo melting in the spring.

Well, it’ll be a good hideout until then
I think, I mean iqluu at minimum needs a snow freezing level of “warmth”

Currently, buildings are not tied to vehicle-structure mechanics, which would make some ideas more interesting.

First thought: Build ice blocks for igloo structures or something, with weather-related melt checks.

  1. But what if it melts? Use pipes (plumbing), tank (with coolant), refrigerator, and power to create a self-cooling ice block. Maybe attaching jumper cables could propagate an attribute to nearby iceblocks: access power from X (only one power source connectable at a time). Over time, if an ice block were to melt (comparable to plants transforming), it checks if it can stay cold, and, if it can, fails to melt, consuming power. To “simplify” power checks, when connecting it would check a nearby block for power, and assign power consumption ‘from’ that, while the provider would receive a ‘to’ value. On consumption the power would follow the “froms” until it hits a source. If a wall became broken, it would propagate disconnections down the line of 'to’s until there are none.

  2. Simple fabrication: snow block. Harder fabrication: ice block. Hardest fabrication: clear ice block, which provides LOS while still being formidable.

  3. Pykrete! Reduced chance to melt, higher durability, and no visibility. Craftable from snow, and splintered words or paper.

Unrelated, I was thinking of sleds or skis as vehicle supports. Simple would work in winter, high-strength material could provide speed on ground, but not artificial surfaces. A tread could provide the locomotion, like a snowmobile.

Non-snow idea: Underground is much much easier to get rocks from. Unfortunately there’s no makeshift pick, and a true pick is fab 7.

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I was thinking wasn’t there that ancient skeleton or body found in ice with a flint pickaxe but then I thought maybe it was used more as a climbing axe.
Also the jackhammers can be crafted at level 5 in electronics or mechanics respectively.

Ancient skeleton? In ice? There’s ice in C:DDA :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ?

No this was a real life thing.

You’re an ice miner in antarctica finding ancient dragon skeletons?

Or are you saying that pickaxe are used for climbing? (am confused)

Well there is a tool that looks similar to a pickaxe but is meant for climbing.

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I think you mean an ice pick or ice axe.
Incidentally, the ice axe is in cata and is arguably better than the fire axe since it has really good prying. Turns out ice beats fire. go figure.

I mean… Ice doesn’t burn, so…

And fire doesn’t freeze. So . . .