Wind turbine car not charging battery

Wind turbine is not charging the batteries. Not even a tiny bit. Feb 13 version. Did we change wind turbine recently?



Car setup:

What’s the weather been like? Wind Turbine returns is based on how windy it is, and I believe that has recently been adjusted.

The wind turbines have not charged the battery for 3 days. It was raining last night…

Perhaps it’s because there’s a roof where the wind turbines are?

Wind turbines can’t work on roof?
It is definitely raining now. But the wind turbines still not charging the batteries.

Removed roof. not charging.

How to see wind in the debug menu?

Tested with debug menu. It didn’t work. Made github issue:

Fix PR’ed , thanks for logging an issue.

Actually I had somewhat similar issue, sorry for offtopic. I used to charge my batteries with a foot crank and 3 alternators. It worked perfectly in my last playthrough, but suddenly stopped. When I try to control the “vehicle” the log tells me that "the engine died’, and I cannot do anything from that point.
The contraption has no wheels. It is a stationary power generator.
I’m not sure if this is a bug, so I decided to ask first.

So until about 3 months ago, foot pedals pedaled by a normal human were providing about 15 HP, and you could attach a stack of alternators with 1 HP, 2 HP, and 3 HP of load and merrily pedal away.

Then some code monkey with delusions of grandeur decided to go “oh realizm!” and cut the power output of foot pedal to a more reasonable 2 HP, of which you can use about 0.75 HP without a huge amount of effort. So now a normal human can’t run an alternator stack, and mostly can only power a single motorbike alternator or possibly a single car alternator if your character is pretty strong.

There’s now a bicycle alternator that only requires 0.1 HP, so you can attach that, but it also only produces 36W (compared to ~400W for a motorbike alternator). You can find them on electric bicycles and sometimes in bike shops.

Thanks a lot!
I will miss the old one-man powerstation though.