Wierd world gen

I genned a world with .7 zombie spawn .5 loot and size 10 cities and started as a survivor in a shelter. I wanted to play in a huge city, but when I spawned I was in an area covered in forests as far as the eye could see with massive swamps to the north-east. I had to run for about 4 min in one direction until I started seeing houses and such. But they were spread apart withs gaps of land inbetween them. Very strange, their is lots of dead drug dealers and cheap meth everywhere and broken semi trucks. I think I genned west virgina or something lmao. IDK… very strange.

I would provide the save or pics but I get my internet from a very slow connection so it’s impossiable for now.
Has anyone else ran into this before?

It’s random. I’ve spawned in vast forests too, don’t worry,

Alright, cool. thanks.