Wielding Sneakers due to overencumbrance crashes game

Windows 7

I had to just started a character found some good footwear in basement so I took off my sneakers then went to turn them into rags for a knife spear. I had a heavy stick in my hand and tried to pick them up. I pressed N for the ‘put them on’ prompt, and pressed Y for the ‘wield them and drop heavy stick’ prompt. The game crashed immediately after I did input for the second prompt.

Thanks for the detailed report, I’m able to reproduce it and I’m tracking it down.

So far looking like a tricky issue with pointer invalidation, so annoying.

Possibly a related bug:

I went to a motorcycle, and rem(o)ved its gasoline tank (had some gasoline inside). I wanted to pick it up in order to craft my pneumatic bolt driver. Unfortunately, the game crashed, and now I have to re-install all my precious Bionics (Toolkit, e.g.) again.

IIRC, it asked me to wield it, and then it crashed. Or perhaps I didn’t have to wield it, I am not sure.

This gets triggered by answering yes to drop your wielded item and pick up a new one. but it only happens some of the time in that situation.