Why isn't mutant offal poisonous?

I just butchered a gaint toad in game but saw that while the meat it dropped was mutant meat the organs that it dropped where normal organs without the toxins that you normally find in mutants.

Because organ meat is good for you, full of vitamins, will make you grow stronk!

Probably just an oversight, open an issue on the github for it. Heck, could be a good learning experience to make the change even, sounds like a good newbie issue.

Mutant meat is supposed to be poisonous? Most of my characters diet is mutant meat. Wonder if I have a poison resistant trait or something. Would explain why they are called “sinister sausages” I guess.

i believe mutant meat is -supposed- to do something to you? (like small amount’s of radiation)

… in any case it tastes real bad and it’ll make your character upset, if nothing else.

possiblity of getting nausia debuff, making you throw it up? XD

Edit: thats it. it stealth-lowers your hidden health stat by eating it.

Ah well that’s not too bad. My leukocyte breeder probably offsets it. Not that I expect heal debuffs to be too noticable with Regeneration.

I think it used to be more poisonous. Don’t know if it was changed in the past couple months or not though.

If it was more poisonous I’m glad it’s not. Life in the cataclysm as a carnivore is tough enough as is. it’s mutant eat mutant out there.

i mean, the health hits it does are VERY VERY detrimental… but if you’re using the breeder system, you’ve basically got maxed out health as long as its running.

it’d start with like… you eat some meat and nothing happens… so you’re figuring its fine. then one day you come home after a particularly nasty zombie attack and patch yourself up, but for some reason you’re healing really slowly… then you get sick with the cold or the flu and get put out of commission for a week or two in game… then your character starts getting the ‘concerning symptons’ debuff where you start having muscle twitches interrupting things you’re doing and knocking you down.

And that’s why it’s my favorite cmb. Even if it is a pain always keeping it powered