Mutant cracklings

with the new mutant varaity of meat that include toxins as vitamins. how ever if you make mutant lard from mutant fat you get cracklins as byproduct and these cracklins do not have toxins in them.


hmmm shhh not my mummy spider craklings noooo

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anotherone for the list of wasteland dishes


I’ve been legitimately wondering about this. There should be a method of processing mutant products that basically eliminates the toxins. Things like refining it into protein powder or the like. Cracklins make sense for that, at least off the top of my head. They’re basically deep fried to the point that there’s not a lot left beyond crispy stuff.


Considering the origin of those creatures, would that not open the way towards a specialized agent targeting all creatures of that kind? Like fungicide but against those types. In that case I doubt it will ever become a thing due to balance reasons.

Logic would suggest that you could weaponize Purifier with appropriate skills and resources. As mutant animals should have a much higher level of XE037 than most non-mutant survivors, Purifier refined to a toxic level would do a real number on them, to say nothing of the zombies or other blob-based horrors. Wouldn’t necessarily be a balance issue either, as it’s easier to find Purifier than make it, and that makes a risk/reward setup - keep your Purifier for your own use if you want to remove mutations, or use it on a weapon that’s basically overkill against most targets? And it would be overkill most of the time - no point in going all Chem weapon against targets that a bullet will remove quite nicely. You’d probably save it as a Shoggoth buster.
(I doubt this idea would ever be mainlined, though - as you pointed out, it could be seen as a balance issue, and considering the direction the devs want to take the crafting system it would probably be deemed too intricate or specialized a task for your kitchen chemist survivors. It’d make a great mod, though.)

But you don’t necessarily need to go that route for a process. Anything that involves a lot of processing or refinement could do a number on toxins (at the cost of nutrition, naturally). End result would make mutant meat a lot more useful if you want to put in the effort.

Alternatively, if you could give an option while butchering mutant animals to take the ‘prime cuts’ instead of just rendering it down like a normal carcass, that could work as well. The description of mutant meat indicates that the bad parts are fairly noticeable, and an experienced hunter (who in Cata would have a reasonably high Survival skill) could take the parts that don’t accumulate teeth or hair or extra faces beneath the skin or whatever. There’s lots of bits on a normal carcass you don’t use anyway due to health/contamination concerns, so a survivor adapting to the xenoformed wilderness of Cataclysm should be able to learn how to best use the new resources. Mechanically it would give the option for a much reduced amount of safe meat from a mutant animal, or you can go ahead and take your usual yield of unsafe meat. Again, won’t happen, but it’s an interesting concept.

things like triffids and fungaloids have the exact same biochemestery as earth life there for things that work against earthlife work agains them to, this does not go for many of the other nethercreatures since they could all come from different dimensions and there for have completely different biochemestery and would need different types of agents to target them.

as for purifier, it would seem likely that it would be the absolute been of zombies since the zombies are sort of alive (normal processes that happen in us also happen in the zombie but under the infleuence of the blob) but the body can only run becease the blob manipulates everything and adjust things as needed. so even if the blob wasn’t outright eliminated but just damaged in a zombie body the body would most likely perrish. as for mutant animals thow its seems likely that althow the blob inside them is mutating them the body itself is still in control and runs most of the processes so it stants to reason that even if the blob was eliminated from mutant animals they would still be able to function and stay alive. The exeption to this would be the gaint arthropods (incests, spiders, crustations) since these animals can’t reach the size we see in game do to how there respritory systeem works so i think that the blob is actively absorbing oxigen for them so if the blob infection inside them where to be eliminated or lessened by purifier they would most likely sufficate.

From what I’ve seen the main argument against this kind of ideas is that it would be too complex and technologically-demanding a process for a survivor with no access to specialized machinery.
Although with Purifier already existing the most complicated things are going to be devising a reliable method of delivery and, to a lesser extent, storage.

Sure, it might be even as simple as thermal treatment. But to figure out whether the end product is safe enough you’d need to do a research project with test subjects observed over an arbitrary length of time. Otherwise you’d have to thoroughly comb through several batches of potential food over and over again via introducing various reagents and catalysts or even with a microscope (perhaps a kind of cell damage is caused by something that does not leave a distinct byproduct), just to eliminate every bias possible (which still leaves several as your survivor is only one person).

While yielding any percentage of safe meat would probably defeat the point of the introduction of mutant meat as a concept, that is an interesting idea for a mod. Once the primary attributes/skills rework has arrived it should be possible to add a learn-through-much-practice skill or trait or whatever that allows harvesting about 10% of non-toxic or at the very least minimally toxic meat from a mutant carcass.

This can go further still. Just like a normal animal carcass can be processed into several distinct kinds of resource (skin/furs, sinew, meat and bones primarily), mutants can give something extra, mostly from glands. The ideas I have so far are materials usable in medicinal products or chemistry in general, pheromone sources (with acting as repulsors to species this one preys on beyond the obvious use) and filament from mutant spiders for various applications.

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That’s only one possible solution to the problem introduced by the square-cube law. Perhaps their entire respiratory system has been changed so much that it barely resembles the original.

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altow we do see major mutations in blob infected organisms the blob works with what is already there in the genetic code and reinterpreting it/ changing the ways it is expressed and arthropods seem unlikely to have the genetic information nessecery to form functioning lungs or equivelent. and from what we see so far as natural mutations go induced by the blob in living animals there isn’t something as radical as forming a new respitatory system. only either making things much bigger but leaving them mostly unchanged otherwise and fuzing things together (zombies are a exeption since they are completely under blob control and humans also don’t count since those mutations are likely the result of experimentation or mutegen en therefore induced)


I have a feeling that these toxins actually represent prions (as in BSE), which would it make really hard or nearly impossible to remove them from the meat (and heat probably wouldn’t work unless you carbonize it almost completely).
However, there might be still edible parts on the creature, which could support the “butcher carefully” proposal.

@ the core of the problem presented here, rather than to add to the digression about whether mutant meat should be purifiable (which as the CDDA item browser notes already exists somewhat in certain forks/mods) is that the cracklins created as a byproduct of mutant lard do not have toxins, while the cracklins created directly from mutant fat do - this is therefore likely an unintended functionality. @devs in case they want to fix, my addition is for Experimental 11133 for reference. I only dig this up because the original reason for the post appears to have been lost in the discussion and the issue still exists 6 months later.

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