Curious about the logic behind the health system

What goes into an item being classified as healthy vs not? Does it take thing like mutations into account? What would be considered healthy after ones biology ceases to be human or no? What sort of things make one thing considered healthy and other considered not? It seems somewhat impenetrable to understand from the player perspective, especially when what my characters can and can’t eat tends to change on a somewhat regular basis through genetic chaos. Is it pretty much an arbitrary thing or what? I’m truly lost in it.

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Health in game is a little arbitrary, especially when the game already has vitamins included in its base nutrition system. It seems to be what is sort of considered healthy broadly speaking, like soups and salads.

I don’t believe it considers mutations at all either. For example the positive junkfood mutations won’t protect you from the health effects of scarfing down six bags of potato chips and a pound of caramel.

Health isn’t a super vital thing anyways, it just heals you faster and makes you less likely to catch an ambient disease.

Depending on how it goes it can either be a minor effort of crushing. I’ve had character that can’t heal from sleep at all and that sucked (looking at you leaky bionic) or singular to double bars from a full night with very good bandaging. My carnivores seem to suffer it the most, finding workaround mostly through recipes that contain veggies but don’t have them in the final tagging usually to fight the fact that eat meat as a meat eater isn’t healthy apparently. Seems silly that I need to hunt recipes like making certain soups with plant matter that I otherwise can’t eat because it doesn’t track into the resulting item. It’s rather frustrating that mutating herbivore means perfect health always and carnivore means constant poor health and illness and hunting edge cases to keep from diving too deep red without ever leaving it. Hopefully when the mutations get touched up that will change.

Yeah that is an interesting point. Maybe health needs looked at again. Unfortunately I think it would be pretty difficult to alter the health value of a food based on PC mutations.