Dragging a vehichle to be underneath you

Has anyone already submitted this bug? It’s been active for some time, but hasn’t been fixed yet.

Moving Diagonally towards an adjacent drug vehichle results in standing on-top of the vehichle, instead of vehichle staying put.

So in other words any of these:

    • X X V X X ** * * *
      @ V * @ V @* *@ *
    • X * * * X * * X V X

Results in this:

  • *


  • = empty space
    V = Vehicle (duh)
    @ = character (you) (double duh)
    X = Problem locations

= @ standing on V

Its not intentional?

I thought it was to discourage cheeses

possible… Seems like there should be a better way to do that, then make me diagonally walk onto my cart and lose a turn. Actually making it so dragging a vehichle slows you should have already fixed any cheeses that this mechanic could possibly prevent, and make a lot more sense than dragging the cart into a square and then jumping on it in the same turn. It makes bathrooms and the like a nightmare to navigate.

It’s not intentional, it’s just that the formula I used has some edge cases.
Looks like for some reason the vehicle is moved twice, even when once should be enough.

Ah, ok thanks Coolthulhu. What did your formula fix while breaking this? Sorry that sounds kind of rude… If you can think of a better way that I could have phased that, please think of me asking the question using that phrasing instead.

I checked it mostly with 2 tile vehicles. With those, it was certainly an improvement over the old one.
Then I had to fix something and I guess I broke that specific edge case where you go diagonally while holding a 1 tile vehicle diagonally to you.

The placement is supposed to work like this:
(Try to) Move vehicle in the direction player goes
This rotates the vehicle
If the vehicle is no longer adjacent to the player, (try to) move it so that the held point is where it was in relation to player

That last point should not happen when the vehicle stays adjacent after first move, but for some reason it does.

Huh, cool. Sounds like a real nice improvement, I’ve not needed/ gotten to being able to have a useful drag-able 2 block Cart, so I hadn’t noticed.