Why can't you grab beds?

Like the title says, why? What makes it different in the code that differentiates it from most other furniture in game?

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Probably the fact that it’s been given a required strength value of -1. All the immovable furniture I looked at had the same, while the movable ones had a positive value. Changing that should fix it, but I’m not sure why it was set that way in the first place.

It might be that way because each tile of a bed is a separate piece, so when you grab and drag it you pull it apart.

Therefore beds should be treated as vehicles.

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Still works fine for couches and things like that. I can’t see any reason why it couldn’t be grabbed and moved other than perhaps a balance thing.

I tried changing the value in my game and it worked perfectly. If you really want a movable bed, change the value in your own furniture.json or make a wooden frame vehicle and put a vehicle bed on it. Or just use a rollmat/cot.


Huh. Now that you mention it, it seems like there probably should be a base “multi-tile movable structure” class in the game, so you could define a bed or other object that took up a few tiles but could still be dragged, without bringing in all of the vehicle stuff.
Maybe one day when the crufty old vehicle code gets refactored and rewritten.

The thing is beds aren’t multi-tile, the tile sets make them merge together yeah but you build each tile of bed individually. It’s essentially the same thing as a sofa other than the fact it can’t be grabbed. I don’t see any conceivable reason it would be for balance or intentional because surely it makes more sense to be able to push a bed somewhere else than taking it apart and then rebuilding it somewhere else. I’ll mess with the json, it’s not like its a big deal just always confused me.

There’s no practical reason why they can’t be movable, it’s just the fact that moving a bed in chunks is really weird from a realism standpoint. Devs don’t want you to be able to drag them around weirdly until large beds can be moved as one piece. And the coding for that is pretty difficult.

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Makeshift beds can be grabbed and moved.

Beds are ridiculously oversized in the game but i love it. I like the idea the preapocolypse people were hugely decadent with their beds.

That said ive found its easier to just deconstruct a bed down to one tile, take all the materials to wherei want the bed, and then build a new one.