Why cant' mounted weapons hit the broad side of a barn?

Weapon systems in modern times are mounted to vehicles using pins and such ensuring that when firing the weapon system you can get accurate rounds on target. The most weapons will do when mounted is shake, its not very hard to get rounds on target even without training, so why is it that when i use any mounted weapon the rounds seem to avoid targets. Im going to be honest here, iv given Iraqi security forces personnel a 5 minute brief on how to use a browning .50, Only told them how to clean and clear the weapon… They shot better then my player who according to his stats mastered shooting every gun in existence… These weapon systems are very simple point and pull, even a straight out of the shelter survivor should be able to hit things no problem. So why do i only hit a zombie once out of 30 rounds?

This should probably be in “the drawing board” - Bunker seems to be for discussing how the game is, rather than how it should be.

I’m fairly certain that vehicle mounted weapons are very much in the work-in-progress stage, though. For now, if you want to use vehicle weapons, it’s best to avoid guns that need to roll to hit, and opt instead for flamethrowers or other indirect fire weapons.

Technical problems with combining aiming (which expects to keep the weapon for a while) with mounted weapons (which give the player a temporary weapon just for that one shot). I could try hacking around it, but that would probably result in only one aiming method being usable (the ‘.’ one).