Mounted weapons overkill

I read in the forums that vehicle mounted guns had the tendency to hit your own car frequently. I installed a flamethrower regardless. Those are awesome, they drain your cars fuel tanks so you dont have to reload them, only refill your vehicle! And of course they are freaking FLAMETHROWERS. So I switched it on and went to bed in my sleeping compartment. In the morning at 6am a zombie dog came along and started bashing at my car. Pathetic! A zombiedog can smash hundreds of times against the heavy duty board with superalloy armor, it can´t make a dent in it. But then the flamethrower started firing…

After pulverizing the poor zombie dog, the flamethrower also pulverized the entire rear of my APC, destroying my trunks and littering hundreds of items in a sea of smoke and fire on the ground! I was damn lucky that the fueltanks didn´t blow up too. Had I not installed them a little more to the front, I wouldn´t have been able to tell you this story. (because then I surely would have thrown my pc out of the window)

M249s and M2s have been fixed, and pretty much all other mounted weapons which don’t do area damage, but I’m assuming that flame throwers, grenade launchers, and any other weapon that does area damage haven’t been tweaked to avoid friendly fire yet.