Why cant I wait while infected?

Unfortunately my first character to survive more than a day or two has gotten a pus filled infected right arm. I have no antibiotics left (only had one Atreyupan left at the time of infection and it didnt work lol). Anyways, my character is in severe pain. He cannot sleep. But the problem is I also cannot use the wait function. When I do, a couple minutes pass and then I get the message “you wake up”. I know my character is not long for this world, but does anyone know why I cant use the wait command? I would like to speed the time along till death without just using suicide.

Sadly there is no way at present to keep waiting or attempting to sleep after waking up. Its a known issue and has a github item. I took a stab at fixing it but it’s more complicated than it seems and some of the related code is being refactored at the moment so a fix might be a while.