About them stray engines

There is something that has been bugging me for some time now…

So, could someone explain to me why there’s so many engines lying around the roads?

Originally I think this was one of the few ways to find engines and what not. Now with the crapped out vehicles and what not you can find them more often. So I’d consider it a legacy thing.

Yeah, I’d probably cut out a fair amount of those “random vehicle parts” on the roads; even in the cataclysm I think it’s fairly unlikely that somebody ripped out a perfectly good seat from their car and dropped it by the roadside.

I can see a piece falling off a nearby wreck… but other than that…

If I’m ever in a zombie apocalypse i have decided that i will cut vehicle parts out of any vehicles i find and leave them scattered around in the hopes that someone else who plays cataclysm survives and gets the reference.

Someone sig that. Sig that right now.

Someone sig that. Sig that right now.[/quote]

Ok, I will put stick-made curtains on my windows and have a weird solar welding cart I push to wrecks to cut parts off.

In a post apocalypse world car pieces will grow out of the roads, just like apples and strawberries growing in forest. It’s the circle of life man.

Maybe it’s just a trap set up by NPCs but they all suddenly gone for the toilet?

Why there is no little electrical motors, anyway? I want to take my shopping cart, add a motor to it, controls and little saddle on top of the box(and yes, it is possible and okay IRL) and drive around with niggablaster on my shoulder playing “State of Massachussets”

This guy.

This guy.[/quote]

Vroom vroom.