What's with some of these changes?

Came back after a long break. Suddenly I can’t use shift+> to go through menus the same way. I have to use shift+tab to go backwards in other menus.

In a game with controls like this muscle memory is huge and just in character creation I feel like I have my shoes on the wrong feet.
I’ve just loaded into the game so I’ll probably expand this topic but while I’m on it why has the chatroom and forum changed as it has as well? Having to register a username for the IRC was a hassle and the forum is much less attractive.

Edit: Yeah the crafting menus have changed too. Again having to use TAB to to go through the menus feels so awkward after years of < >. I’m going to check the menus to see if I can alter it back but it’s a hassle.

Ya annoying change you can rebind the keys once in a menu like say settings/options, press ? to add < and > back, you can do the same in the crafting menu.

Means I’ll have to change it every time I update unless I save the config folder too. Bummer.

As we are complaining about things the new prompt gui looks weird to me:

I felt the same way. Again just a little less pleasing. A little less comfortable.

That pretty much sums up my thoughts on the game lately as a whole. Now flour rots…that’s ok. But now instead of having one pile of flour you have a huge list of varying amounts of flour all with different rot timers. Same with smoked and dehydrated stuff.
It’s all just a little less pleasant.